Initial Public Offerings and Reverse Listings

Wolfstar's highly qualified and experienced team is able to effectively and efficiently management all the steps in the listing and relisting, in every aspect of the following areas:


  • Incorporate the Company with ASIC
  • Register the Company with the Australian Taxation Office for appropriate taxes;
  • Adopt a Company Constitution establish a Corporate Governance Plan;
  • Reserve Trading Name and an ASX code;
  • Develop Policies and Procedures Manual;
  • Determine capital structure of Company;
  • Determine Board, receive Consents to Act as Directors and Company Secretary;
  • Determine Directors' Executive remuneration and Non-Executive fees and issue options to Directors, where applicable;
  • Appoint a Due Diligence Committee;
  • Where applicable, adopt Employee Share Option Plan;
  • Obtain Director and Officers Insurance;
  • Development of Corporate Image
  • Establish Company Contact Information including Telephone, Electronic Mail, and Internet Site;
  • Set up Account with a Share Registry, for example Computershare;
  • Hold initial Board meeting to resolve upon Company formation matters above;
  • Hold Board meeting to Approve Prospectus.

Prospectus Development and Listing Process

  • Prepare Project Overview Report for Prospectus;
  • Prepare and format Prospectus;
  • Engage a Sponsoring Broker and / or Underwriter (where necessary);
  • Engage a Solicitor and obtain a Solicitors Report and Consent to Act letter (where necessary);
  • Engage an Accountant and obtain an Independent Accountants Report and Consent to Act letter;
  • Engage an Expert (where applicable) and obtain an Independent Expert Report and Consent to Act letter;
  • Obtain all necessary Consents to Act and / or Be Named in the Prospectus;
  • Appoint Printers and, where required, arrange and review Typeset Prospectus;
  • Lodge Prospectus with ASIC for approval, and submitted Prospectus for exposure Period;
  • Print Prospectus and distribute to appropriate recipients;
  • Lodge Appendix 1A with the ASX for approval;
  • Close Prospectus and Issue Shares, and List on ASX.

Due Diligence

  • Prepare and adopt a Due Diligence Planning Memorandum;
  • Prepare and adopt a Due Diligence Checklist;
  • Prepare and complete the Due Diligence File;
  • Verify Prospectus including the sourcing and documentation of support for a statements made in the Prospectus;
  • Prepare and circularise Directors Questionnaires;
  • Obtain letter from solicitor as to due diligence process;
  • Arrange, attend, and minute Due Diligence meetings;
  • Final Due Diligence Meeting

Legal Documents

  • Execution of Services Agreements
  • Execution of Sponsoring Broker Agreement
  • Execution of Share Sale Agreements
  • Managing Director Service Agreement